I'm an LA based freelance Graphic Designer, Artist, and Craftsman who specializes in designs that incorporate hand-built elements. My style is urban and bold. I'm inspired by tattoos, rock music, hip-hop culture mixed with Japanese aesthetics.

I have developed a diverse background in art. I started my journey as an Architecture student who changed his major to Graphic Design and fell in love with painting and sculpture; particularly kinetic sculpture. 

I possess a wide range of skills and knowledge of software including CAD, BIM, Adobe products, and 3D modeling programs. 

I'm in the process of starting a dog clothing company with my wife and a custom furniture design business to sell on Etsy. 

Creativity has no boundaries. Let's make some NOISE!

All images copyright Ryan Sumida/Rukus_Dzyns. All rights reserved. 






 Ryan Sumida and Trang Doan

Ryan Sumida and Trang Doan